Comic 15 | Be Kind


comic15_ht700px_web_08_27_18Hey, Mr Katsu holidays bring candy treats and Random Acts of Kindness! Offering candy samples is kind, but “Random Acts of Kindness” aren’t for selling something. They’re nice gestures you do for someone just because it’s nice and hope they’ll pass it on. REMINDER No candy or chocolate for your pets.

Comic 13 | Love Every Pound

comic13_ht700px_web_08_27_18Hey, Mr Katsu looks like I ate too much over the Thanksgiving holiday! No worries, holidays are meant to be celebrated with family, friends and food. Weight watching isn’t everything. Be beautiful from inside and like who you see in the mirror. Balance your meals, sleep, exercise and work/school schedules to be good to yourself!

Comic 12 | Thanksgiving

comic12_ht700px_web_08_27_18Hey, Mr Katsu it’s time to meditate about being thankful! It’s better for our mind and body to spend more time thinking about what we do have than what we don’t have. Mr Katsu will be forever grateful to Saving Shibas Inc. for rescuing him from the shelter! Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all!