Comic 24 | Seasons

comic24_ht700px_web_08_28_18Hey, Mr Katsu it’s suppose to be winter cold and mittens time?  We’re here in Southern California waiting for El Niño and wearing summer clothes! Climate change and global warming is shifting seasons all around the world and nature needs our help.

Comic 21 | Birthdays

comic21_ht700px_web_08_28_18Hey, Mr Katsu say CHEESE and smile! January is our birthday month! Actually, January is my birthday and one year ago, Mr Katsu was adopted. Whatever date you celebrate your birthday, remember to only count the many years of fond memories and not the wrinkles in the mirror!

Comic 17 | New Year’s

comic17_ht700px_web_10_21_18Hey, Mr Katsu got my mop top hairdo since The Beatles music is now streaming and just in time for New Year’s celebrating! We give thanks for 2015 memories and plan resolutions for the year ahead. Let’s hope 2016 will bring social, political and international changes for the better!