Comic 29 | Mother’s Day

comic29_ht700px_web_08_31_18Hey Mr Katsu, it’s Mother’s Day! Time to celebrate the spirit of MOM! Their hugs make everything better and sweeten the sour things in life! They tend to make sure everyone is taken care of before themselves. So go ahead and show your birth mom, adopted mom or anyone else who has cared for you like a Mom how special they are with love and attention!

Comic 13 | Love Every Pound

comic13_ht700px_web_08_27_18Hey, Mr Katsu looks like I ate too much over the Thanksgiving holiday! No worries, holidays are meant to be celebrated with family, friends and food. Weight watching isn’t everything. Be beautiful from inside and like who you see in the mirror. Balance your meals, sleep, exercise and work/school schedules to be good to yourself!