Comic 58 | Be Handy

comic58_ht700px_web_09_01_18Hey Mr Katsu, it’s good to have tools on hand for those special home projects! Remember when high school required girls to take “cooking and sewing” and boys to take “auto and wood shops”? Well, times have changed for the better and skills shouldn’t ever be gender related or labeled. Be YOU and learn all the skills and education you want to bring you happiness!

Comic 46 | Nurse Please

comic46_ht700px_web_09_03_18Hey Mr Katsu, I’m pretty sure I heard you say “boo-boo” as in “ouch that hurts”? Time for a SHOUT OUT to ALL the nurses that comfort and care for all our “boo-boos”. Recently a family member needed emergency care and hospitalization (that’s why it’s been awhile since my last post.) They ease our worry and help us regain our health back!