Comic 75 | Chilly Cheers


Hey everyone, it’s winter cold but we’re ready to dive into the New Year! Some of you may have stumbled upon my blog comic, heard about it from a friend or coworker or maybe even happened to meet Mr Katsu on one of our many walks around town. I hope you enjoy following us as much as I am creating them. And if you’re on Instagram, check out my recent comic videos. Cheers to 2019, meeting new friends, supporting and collaborating with other artists and donating my artwork to help non-profits fundraise.

Comic 24 | Seasons

comic24_ht700px_web_08_28_18Hey, Mr Katsu it’s suppose to be winter cold and mittens time?  We’re here in Southern California waiting for El Niño and wearing summer clothes! Climate change and global warming is shifting seasons all around the world and nature needs our help.