Comic 70 | Puppet Cheers

comic70_ht700px_web_01_14_19Hey Mr Katsu, cheers to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater and it’s long history in Los Angeles. The final day in its current location will be Friday, November 23 (the day after Thanksgiving, which happens to be the same day they opened 55 years ago.) Visit their website to learn more and ticket info for Bob Baker’s Nutcracker presented at the Pasadena Playhouse beginning November 24 for 5 weeks.


Comic 36 | 4th of July

comic36_ht700px_web_09_01_18Hey Mr Katsu, it’s 4th of July! Time for BBQs, picnics and loud firework shows! The world has changed quite a bit since July 4th 1776. What hasn’t changed, is how scary fireworks are for our pets. Did you know July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters? Keep yourself and your pets safe this holiday!