Comic 71 | Thanksgiving Favorite

comic71_ht700px_web_11_20_18Hey Mr Katsu here’s a little poem for a Thanksgiving favorite!

Oh lonely potato you REALLY are so loved.
At holiday time, on a fork you are shoved.

You grow in the dirt with water and sun.
Then off to market stacked one-by-one.

The pile is high and shoppers soon circle in,
They pick, toss and grab you until none in the bin.

Baked, mashed or fried, all cooking ways to enjoy,
Thanks for your vitamins and delicious goodness, oh boy!

Comic 57 | Rooster Time

comic57_ht700px_web_09_01_18Hey Mr Katsu, it’s Chinese New Year! Do you know what animal year this is? Every Chinese New Year begins a new animal’s zodiac year and 2017 is the year of the Rooster. Time for family reunions, eating out, spring cleaning, getting personal and business matters in order and new beginnings.

Comic 29 | Mother’s Day

comic29_ht700px_web_08_31_18Hey Mr Katsu, it’s Mother’s Day! Time to celebrate the spirit of MOM! Their hugs make everything better and sweeten the sour things in life! They tend to make sure everyone is taken care of before themselves. So go ahead and show your birth mom, adopted mom or anyone else who has cared for you like a Mom how special they are with love and attention!

Comic 21 | Birthdays

comic21_ht700px_web_08_28_18Hey, Mr Katsu say CHEESE and smile! January is our birthday month! Actually, January is my birthday and one year ago, Mr Katsu was adopted. Whatever date you celebrate your birthday, remember to only count the many years of fond memories and not the wrinkles in the mirror!

Comic 17 | New Year’s

comic17_ht700px_web_10_21_18Hey, Mr Katsu got my mop top hairdo since The Beatles music is now streaming and just in time for New Year’s celebrating! We give thanks for 2015 memories and plan resolutions for the year ahead. Let’s hope 2016 will bring social, political and international changes for the better!