Comic 70 | Puppet Cheers

comic70_ht700px_web_01_14_19Hey Mr Katsu, cheers to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater and it’s long history in Los Angeles. The final day in its current location will be Friday, November 23 (the day after Thanksgiving, which happens to be the same day they opened 55 years ago.) Visit their website to learn more and ticket info for Bob Baker’s Nutcracker presented at the Pasadena Playhouse beginning November 24 for 5 weeks.


Comic 69 | Letter Comeback

comic69_ht700px_web_11_04_18Hey Mr Katsu, handwritten and handmade letters are making a comeback!

A letter is a special greeting sent from near or far.
It can be written from anywhere, at home, work or in your car.

Be it a greeting card, travel postcard or note on a post-it.
The importance is your words, best wishes or wit.

So surprise your family and friends this holiday season now.
Just don’t forget the postage stamp to deliver it with a wow!

Comic 67 | Fall Favorite


SURPRISE… Created a little video and poem for this new comic! Hope it makes you smile,  follow the blog and share with your friends!

Once upon a time, a shiba found some pumpkin seeds.
Wondered how to plant, so searched the internet for leads.

Planted, watered, waited and waited some more.
And before long, there were pumpkins galore.

Choose to carve, decorate or bake and eat.
It’s a FALL FAVORITE that’s hard to beat!

Comic 64 | Flying Fur

comic64_ht700px_web_09_04_18Hey Mr Katsu, OH NO it’s shiba shedding time! Shibas “shed/blow” their soft undercoat twice a year. You’ll need MORE than a lint roller between winter and spring and between summer and fall. Check out the web for shiba owners from all over sharing their hilarious pics!

Comic 61 | Eyes On You

comic61_ht700px_web_01_16_19Hey Mr Katsu, an eye patch is cool if you’re playing a pirate, but not if it’s from eye injury. Take care to protect your eyes while enjoying those sunny days and outside fun! Our pet’s eyesight are just as precious as ours and yet we often take it for granted until we’re faced with losing it!