Comic 96 | Valentine Love

Valentine’s Day is traditionally for sweethearts…but it’s really for celebrating love, of ALL KINDS! We all LOVE the many devoted pandemic frontline workers and our furry pals who comfort young and old when we are scared. We can say it…2020 was scary, but 2021we welcome with hope to fight back Covid-19. Hope you enjoy this Valentine’s kaleidoscope and makes you smile!

Comic 95 | Lunar Celebration

Happy Lunar New Year! In some parts of the world, the “Lunar New Year” is the beginning of their new year vs the January through December calendar. A solar year, is the time it takes Earth to orbit the sun (365 days.) A lunar year, 12 full cycles of the Moon and is about 10 days less than a solar year. Each lunar year is represented by a Chinese zodiac animal and this year (2021) is the Year of the Ox. The 12 animals that represent the Chinese Zodiac signs are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (or Sheep), Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. What year were you born in?

Comic 94 | Happy Holidays Apart

We all usually celebrate holidays with close family and friends. Enjoying each other’s company, shared memories and toasting to plans for the New Year. However, this year even though we want to celebrate with close family and friends, we must be apart. Our relationships are still close (perhaps even closer due to the pandemic) but celebration dining, hugs and toasting to the New Year are apart. Keep safe and healthy so our reunion will be that much sweeter! Shout out to all the NEW pet parents this past year. During the pandemic and working from home, pets provided much needed everyday cheer!

Comic 92 | We Need Your Vote

WE MADE IT to fall and hoping all of you have kept safe and healthy. Traditionally fall signals holiday performances, events and shopping. But not this November due to Covid. It is also the year of our U.S. Presidential Election and there is much at stake. Your VOTE is so important and your voice needs to be represented. Voting is a privilege and understanding what and why you chose to vote a certain way is a responsibility. Cheers to democracy!

Comic 90 | We Are All In This Together

Hi everyone, I hope you are well and staying safe. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire world with changes for everyone. “We are all in this together.” has been the media message to comfort a society during unprecedented times. Many of us feel “different” and why months have passed since my last post. This comic came about from my love of art and pups. Each comic had a little theme and now after 89 comics, I’m changing direction due to this pandemic. I decided to create little videos for small businesses in the spirit of “We are all in this together.” This video is for the K-Stand. Please check them out and thanks for visiting!

Comic 89 | A Mother’s Day Wish

Hey Mr Katsu, COVID-19 moves into another month and making it hard to honor Moms. Our celebrations are not as we’d like, in the company of family and friends. We will celebrate Mother’s Day greetings via computer, phone calls or greet each other only through glass windows for those living in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. There are also so many mothers on the frontline in healthcare, food service, delivery and managed care. The saying “A mother’s job is never done.” needs to be “A hero mother’s job is never done and so appreciated!”

Comic 88 | Special Spring

comic88_ht700px_web_04_12_20Hey Mr Katsu, although the world continues to battle the COVID-19 fight, seasons and holidays come and go like clockwork. They are predictable in our unpredictable day-to-day new lifestyles. Keeping safe and healthy is first. Working together as a community for our comeback will be next. Hope this little comic makes you smile as you repeat the COVID-19 tag line “We are all in this together.”

Comic 87 | March Like No Other

comic87_ht700px_web_03_20_20Hey Mr Katsu, March 2020 marks a time when everyone hoped would never come. In a matter of weeks, life as we knew it has changed forever. The real life events seemed like a thriller movie script. We added “novel virus”, “state of emergency”, “social distancing”, “working from home” and “stay-at-home order” to our vocabularies. Our lucky green in this March is having the WHOLE WORLD fighting with us!