Comic 17 | New Year’s

comic17_ht700px_web_10_21_18Hey, Mr Katsu got my mop top hairdo since The Beatles music is now streaming and just in time for New Year’s celebrating! We give thanks for 2015 memories and plan resolutions for the year ahead. Let’s hope 2016 will bring social, political and international changes for the better!

Comic 15 | Be Kind


comic15_ht700px_web_08_27_18Hey, Mr Katsu holidays bring candy treats and Random Acts of Kindness! Offering candy samples is kind, but “Random Acts of Kindness” aren’t for selling something. They’re nice gestures you do for someone just because it’s nice and hope they’ll pass it on. REMINDER No candy or chocolate for your pets.

Comic 14 | Beat To The Music

comic14_ht700px_web_08_27_18Hey, Mr Katsu ‘tis the season to rock some holiday music! It’s also the perfect time to discover different genres and instruments from around the world. Watch the inspiring story “Landfill Harmonic” at to change your perception of what an instrument should be!