Comic 64 | Flying Fur

Hey Mr Katsu, it’s shiba seasonal shedding time! Shibas “shed/blow” their soft undercoat twice a year. You’ll need MORE than a lint roller between winter and spring and again between summer and fall. Check out the web for shiba owners from all over sharing their hilarious pics!

Comic 62 | Pickle News

Hey Mr Katsu, ever notice how the news stories are just like a jar of pickles? Current news stories seem “sweet & sour” and world leaders are getting us into some some big “pickles”(circumstances.) Hope they sort it all out peacefully!

Comic 61 | Eyes On You

Hey Mr Katsu, an eye patch is cool if you’re playing a pirate, but not if it’s from eye injury. Take care to protect your eyes while enjoying those sunny days and outside fun! Our pet’s eyesight are just as precious as ours and yet we often take it for granted until we’re faced with losing it!

Comic 58 | Be Handy

comic58_ht700px_web_02_12Hey Mr Katsu, it’s good to have tools on hand for those special home projects! Remember when high school required girls to take “cooking and sewing” and boys to take “auto and wood shops”? Well, times have changed for the better and skills shouldn’t ever be gender related or labeled. Be YOU and learn all the skills and education you want to bring you happiness!