Comic 89 | A Mother’s Day Wish

Hey Mr Katsu, COVID-19 moves into another month and making it hard to honor Moms. Our celebrations are not as we’d like, in the company of family and friends. We will celebrate Mother’s Day greetings via computer, phone calls or greet each other only through glass windows for those living in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. There are also so many mothers on the frontline in healthcare, food service, delivery and managed care. The saying “A mother’s job is never done.” needs to be “A hero mother’s job is never done and so appreciated!”

Comic 88 | Special Spring

comic88_ht700px_web_04_12_20Hey Mr Katsu, although the world continues to battle the COVID-19 fight, seasons and holidays come and go like clockwork. They are predictable in our unpredictable day-to-day new lifestyles. Keeping safe and healthy is first. Working together as a community for our comeback will be next. Hope this little comic makes you smile as you repeat the COVID-19 tag line “We are all in this together.”

Comic 87 | March Like No Other

comic87_ht700px_web_03_20_20Hey Mr Katsu, March 2020 marks a time when everyone hoped would never come. In a matter of weeks, life as we knew it has changed forever. The real life events seemed like a thriller movie script. We added “novel virus”, “state of emergency”, “social distancing”, “working from home” and “stay-at-home order” to our vocabularies. Our lucky green in this March is having the WHOLE WORLD fighting with us!  

Comic 84 | Fireworks Fear

comic84_ht700px_web_07_09_19Hey Mr Katsu, time for a little “word association therapy”. I’ll say a word and you reply with the first word that comes to mind. Ready, set, go… So many pets are terrified of the BIG bangs and booms. Ask your vet, dog trainers and friends on how you can comfort your family pet before next year!

Comic 80 | Blooming

comic80_ht700px_web_04_9_19Hey Mr Katsu, the California hills are a bloom with the sights and smell of poppies. With orange all around after missing for so many years. Hope you have time to capture this rare opportunity!

Fun Facts:
• Biology name is Eschscholzia Californica.
• They grow wild throughout California, and became the state flower in 1903.
• Native Americans in California valued the poppy as a food source and for the oil extracted from the plant.
• Every year April 6 is California Poppy Day, and May 13-18 is Poppy Week.